Baseus Supervooc PD65W USB To Type C Cables 6.5A Fast Charging


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Baseus Supervooc PD65W USB To Type C Cables 6.5A Fast Charging Smart Phone Data Cable For OPPO Realme One Plus Xiaomi Charger


For Type-C Interface Devices :

~65w SUPERVOOC flash charging

Maximum 65W power output,and downward compatible with all vooC models.

~6 strands of thickened cores

The thickened cores increase the conduction area andeasily carry 65W high power.

~480Mbps of transmission rate

Up to 48OMbps transmission rate, equally fast forcharging and data transmission.

~TPE thickened wire

Flexible TPE wire and a wear-resistant ABS shell prevent the cablefrom frequent damage and change.

65W SUPERVOOC Flash ChargeCharging Speed Soars to the Sky

Maximum 65W power output,supports SUPERVOOC.2.0 and is downward compatible with all seriesmodels, saving your charging time.

Fully Charges Reno7 Pro in 30minStay Powered-up forUnlimited Fun

Use with the original 65W chargerfor optimal charging effect.

Applicable to OPPOAll Series Phones

Widely compatible with various Type-C devices as well.

6Strands of Thickened Wire CoresFaster and More Stable

212 wires for conduction, faster and more stable, effortlessly carries 65W super-fast charging.

Trickle Charging Protects the Battery

Auto switch to trickle charging when almost fully charged to avoid over-charge and protect the battery.

Low-Temperature Charging without Overheating

Safer fast charging without overheating.

Tough and Wear-Proof

Soft TPE cable material + Wear-proof ABS shell= Less frequent cable change

Reinforced SR ProtectionUltra Tug Resistance

Extended 10mm SR, over 10,000 bend tests,hard to break.

Firm Plug-in without Loosening

Upgraded interface for a tighterand firmer plug-in without loosening

Charging and Data Transmission, Equally Fast



1 meter, 2 meter


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