Baseus Stable Gravitational Car Mount (Air Outlet version) Black



Baseus Car Phone Holder in Car Air Vent Auto Gravity Flexible Silicone

Secure and Stable Clamping

Tighter grasp with Y-shaped gravitational structure

Finer Structure

With tighter gear bite, no more loosening or squeaking

Soft silicone pads protection

All 4 clamp feet for better grip against various road conditions

Padded Soft Y Bracket

ONLY Compatible with Grid Type A/C Outlet, and to ONLY Install Vertically

Auto Restoration

Snap right back to its original position when you take out the phone

Applicable to 5.4-6.7 Inches Phones

Iphone 8 to 14 Series
Samsung Galaxy S & Note Series
Wireless Charging Compaitble Phones

GPS Navigation Made Easy


📌Omnidirectional ball joint, for various viewing angles.
📌Mini and compact, no blocking to the air vent.
📌Charging port cutout, thoughtful and convenient.

User Instructions

📌Tail Hook Installation:
1.Unscrew the nut and install it onto the ball joint.
2.Place the ball joint into the groove and fasten the nut.

📌Mount Installation:
1.Unscrew the nut.
2.Find an apt spot on the air vent.
3.Hook the tail clip to the air vent grille and fasten the nut.




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