Baseus CoolRide Windshield Sun Shade Umbrella Lite


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SIZE 131*69cm

Total Sun Block

Unfolds like an umbrella, no need to tie up or stick,keep your car-inside cool.

Nano-grade titanium dioxide for efficient UV reflection,UPF40+ professional sun resistant,protecting your car interior.

Titanium-SIlver Polymer Coating Heat Index Drop by 30℃

Completely cuts downs the conduction path of heat to keep the car-inside cool

Bat Wing Shaped with Full Coverage

You can fold the edge of the canopy to dajust the coverage to fit your car seamlessly

High-Density Glass Fiber Rib,Tougher and More Flexible

8 ribs form a cobweb-like structure,sturdy and tough with longer durability

360° Foldable Handle,Won’t Scratch the Interior

Soft tube core makes it easier to bend as you will

Cutout Design for the Rearview Mirror Seamless Fit

Precise cut with velcro fastening,won’t get blocked by rearview mirror

Eco-Friendly Material Non-Toxic and Odorless

Recyclable PET material can withstand long-time exposure to sunlight,and is EU CE certified

Two Sizes Available,Compatible with Sedans and SUVs



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