Baseus Car Washer Gun High Pressure Hose Cleaner Cars Foam Wash Spray Guns For Auto Garden Shower Cleaning Washing Tools


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Strong water pressure ensures perfect cleaning effect

One-key Switch, Double Pressurization, Various Spray Shapes, Simple Design

Double Mechanical Pressurization for Large Flow Pumped

The water flow is pressurized for the first time after passing through the expansion pipe, and then it is pressurized again through the high-pressure water pump, and the switch is turned on to pump out the high-pressure and large-flow instantly, so that all dirt can be easily washed.

Tightly Closed without Water Leakage

Each interface can be firmly clamped, without falling off or leaking water

Rotate 360°to Produce Different Splashes

With a slight twist, the spray spread out like an umbrella.
The shapes are all different at each rotation, and different spray shapes can be adjusted according to different cleaning parts.
Wheel (column shape)
Door (pointed umbrella)
Window (extended umbrella)

Metal Griping Part Durable for Use, Stronger Pressure

Aluminum alloy metal griping part, durable for use, never get deformed when the high-pressure water flow passes through.

Magic Water Pipe, Powerful Pressurization

New pressurized hose, TPE one-piece formed. Great elasticity when water is not injected, can be easily stored; the pipe body is prolonged and hardened after water is injected, and it is pressurized.
High and low temperature resistant, fracture resistant, telescopic and easy to store

3X Expansion, Turn 10M into 30M in an Instant

After water injection, the water pipe expands and extends rapidly, which not only pressurizes the water flow,
but also extends the length of the water pipe, and can be washed easily even at a distance.

One-key Switch, Save Time and Effort

One-key switch, sensitive rebound for more smooth switching

Three-section Interface is Suitable For Various Faucets

Equipped with three-section interface ,is suitable for various faucets



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