Baseus 65W GaN5 Charger Quick Charge U+C+C



Input:AC 100-240V,50/60Hz,1.5A Max

· Oneport support 65W(Max) fast charger

GaN5 Pro Type-C 1 65W Output:5V/3A,9V/3A,12V/3A,15V/3A,20V/3.25A   65W Max

GaN5 Pro Type-C 2 65W Output: 5V/3A,9V/3A,12V/3A,15V/3A,20V/3.25A    65W Max

GaN5 Pro USB 60W Output:5V/3A,9V/3A,12V/3A,20V/3A  60W Max

· Two ports support 65W(Max) when charging at the same time

Type-C 1 + Type-C 2 Output: 45W+20W(65W)

Type-C 1 + USB Output: 45W+18W(63W)

Type-C 2 + USB Output: 5V/3A 15W

Type-C 1 + Type-C 2 + USB Output: 45W+15W(60W)

GaN5 Pro Charger VS.GaN Lite Charger

Comparison of GaN5 Pro Charger and GaN Lite Charger

Baseus GaN5 Pro Fast Charger 65W

Upgraded GaN5 Technology Innovating Your Fast Charging Experience

Upgraded Fifth-Gen GaN Technology

16.67% improvement in response speed.

BPSⅡ Smart Power Split

Intelligently matches the charging power, safer fast charging.

BCT Intelligent Temperature Control

Nanotechnology + Air Insulation, cooling efficiency improved by 13%.

Optimized Mechanical Structure

Uses Archimedes’ Law of the Lever, tighter plug-in without falling off.

Multi-Port Fast Charging

Charge your phones and laptop with just the one.

More Advanced GaN5 More Powerful Than Ever

Upgraded GaN5 technology offers a much smaller size and faster charging speed compared to last generation. Smaller core components, higher efficiency, better temperature control, optimal charging experience.

Response speed :↑+16.67%
Lower loss : ↓-25%

Multi-Port Fast Charging in a Smaller Size

Optimized stacked structure with compact components layout reduces the length of the charger down to 61mm, a new record for size and weight!

Triple Fast Charging One for All Your Devices

3-in-1 interfaces,satisfying your charging needs for laptops, tablets, phones and game consoles at once,

Up to 50% charge for Apple 13 in 30 min
Up to 39% charge for MacBook Air in 30 min

One Charger For Three Devices, Multi-Port and Fast Charging

It maintains high power output when fast charging a laptop and phone.

BPS II against Overcharge

Upgraded BPS II (Baseus Power Split II) charging technology realizes fast charging of dual ports.

Optimized Structure with a Tighter Plug-in

Shorter in size compared to GaN3 chargers, the new design is more in line with the principle of mechanics, and it offers a more balanced and stable plug-in without falling off.

Upgraded Air Insulation Technology, Heat Dissipation Performance Soars!

Adopts a brand new cooling technology with self-developed BCT temperature control technology, safer charging without overheating.

BPS II Smart Power Split Safe Charging without Overcharging

Automatic match for charging power, separate output for each devices, safe and reliable.

Faster with Wider Compatibility

Compatible with PD3.0, QC3.0, SCP, AFC, PPS and more fast charging protocols.

Multiple Safety Protections

8 safety protections with flame-retardant shell ensures your charging safety.

Take Baseus with You When Travelling And Stay Charged Whenever You Want!

Use with Baseus mini travel power strip to solve all your charging problems when you are on the go.

Wide Voltage Range for Global Use

AC 100-240V wide band voltage, conforms to global specifications of input voltage.

Amazing Details for Wonderful Experience

Ice Blue Indicator
Skin-Friendly Texture

100W Fast Charging Cable Included

A Complimentary Type-C to Type-C 100W data cable is included, no need to purchase yourself.

Product Parameters & Package



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